Running a hotel isn’t easy.

Running a hotel isn’t easy.

Recent events have demonstrated that the hospitality industry urgently needs to evolve and renew!

To survive under these conditions, hotel owners need to find creative solutions and adapt to critical market changes.

A good renovation project can make your rooms more comfortable and more practical, but if you do not know in advance what the future will bring, you may only be wasting your time.

Amaranto understands the latest trends in the hotel sector and has developed a method that extends well beyond design alone. 

Our innovative approach, called “Hospitality Revolution”, combines hospitality, design and finance with a single objective: making your hotel more attractive with a minimum of investment.

A hospitality service that satisfies the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s guests while also offering something new would not only improve the satisfaction of your customers in general, but would also provide you with a powerful marketing tool.

We can identify this service by undertaking a thorough analysis of your hotel, its potential, the competition, and published reviews. We then produce a detailed report that you can also present to the banks when applying for finance.

This is evolution.

Enrico Giovanelli – Manager at Amaranto

Amaranto interprets the latest trends and proposes an innovative solution: Hospitality Revolution. 


Will today’s hotels do well in future? 

The hotel sector will soon have to cater for a new type of guest, starting from the medium-low end of the market.  Tomorrow’s guests will be increasingly tech-savvy and sophisticated.

Failure to develop adequate service strategies and provide well-equipped spaces could lead to serious diversification in future years. If the necessary preparations are not made now, operators could easily see their hotels being out-done by competitors who are less experienced but have more innovative ideas.

Unfortunately, not many hotels are ready to lead the way. Everybody – or nearly everybody – feels more confident dealing with the known rather than the unknown. Yet, the hospitality market needs a new generation of business people with transversal skills and open minds.

So how can you improve your business in just a few simple steps?


the businesses destined to succeed are those with a MARKETING SYSTEM capable of reaching new guests and transforming them into regular customers. 

Modern technology offers various ways to move forwards, but many hotels are still stuck with systems developed twenty years ago. Hospitality businesses need to adopt the latest methods of communication, such as instant messaging, and create a specific image in the minds of potential customers. 

THE CULT OF WELLBEING: In a not very distant future, the health spa will become a place of mental as well as physical wellbeing. In fact, this trend has been obvious for years. In future it will no longer be enough to have just a sauna with hydromassage to attract new customers. The successful spas will be those that create an environment conducive to meditation. It is no coincidence that the worlds of wellness and neuroscience are finding more and more common ground..

WELL DESIGNED AND WELL EQUIPPED SPACES: Restyling the rooms with a view to improving both comfort and quality helps improve your image, especially if the changes made are focused on raising standards. 

Future guests will be quite different to those of the past, and will expect hotels to provide environments equipped with the latest digital devices and systems. Change may not be immediate, of course, but “millennial” guests will certainly be far more attentive to new technologies and solutions. 

  • In future, guests will want to control room lighting and other appliances directly from their tablets.
  • They will also want to connect  Bluetooth to the bathroom mirror to download content in streaming, and bathroom mirrors will need built-in speakers to allow guests to listen to audio content.
  • The desk will be a thing of the past too: millennial guests will be used to working while sitting or lying on the bed.
  • A shower will be enough: there will be no need for a bath.
  • Tomorrow’s rooms will only have hard floors, because these are perceived as more hygienic than carpet.
  • Rooms will no longer need a traditional wardrobe. Millennials are not used to hiding things away. 
  • Rooms will be concentrations of digital technology. For example, modern televisions will add artistic touches, functioning as “paintings”, and offering the chance to change image frequently. 
  • Tables and chairs will not be needed since millennials almost never request room service. 
  • Hotel operators will have to be more attentive to the physical and mental wellbeing of their guests and install fitness equipment such as yoga mats, exercise balls and weights in the room. 

How to proceed? The answer is always the same: customisation. Operators must understand the desires and aspirations of their customers.

Amaranto has 30 years of experience in the design and construction of premium hospitality projects and offers customised and economically competitive solutions in the form of targeted changes to improve room quality.


Hotels. We need to plan ahead for when the recovery comes! 

At the end of the current economic crisis, business travel is sure to pick up when companies resume visiting acquired and prospective clients. 

When that time comes, your hotel needs to be able to satisfy the demands of a new type of guest. 

Other tourism operators have not stopped investing: they have been busy thinking up new ways to restart and finding new balances between business guests, holidaymakers and the demands of safety. 

The challenge facing hotels in these next few years will be to renovate in a way that combines comfort, hygiene and technology. 

In future, hotels will have to be provide more than just a comfortable bed: they will have to be environments where people can relax and work in safety. 

Each hotel will have to find its own way to offer guests the services they want while ensuring the right social distancing. This will require redesigning spaces, installing protective partitions and, whenever possible, exploiting outdoor areas. 

Renovation is a constant need in the hospitality sector. 

Hotels must reinvent themselves if they are to overcome the crisis currently impacting the tourism sector. 

Renovate your business now in order to attract new guests in years to come. 

If you have the right ideas but simply cannot put them into practice, it is probably because you need a partner who can support you through every step of your project.

We are ready to implement any ideas and work with any professionals to realise your vision and help you achieve the objectives you have set yourself. 


Welcome to the Hospitality Revolution! 

In today’s increasingly complex and high-tech world, businesses that embrace the latest developments are the ones destined to prosper. 

 Hospitality operators in particular need to invest continuously to redevelop their hotels and remain competitive. 

To survive under challenging conditions, hotel owners need to find creative solutions and adapt to critical market changes. 

The “Amaranto-IVH” method is based on the understanding that we need to lay solid foundations today if we are to recover tomorrow. 

Our solution offers hotel operators the chance to purchase goods/services (e.g. room refurbishments) at market prices and pay using the value of their rooms. 

 In practice, hoteliers obtain goods and services through a system of barter, generating significant benefits for everybody involved. 

Under the IVH model, hospitality operators purchase goods and services from suppliers and pay, not (or only partly) in money, but in available assets and services. 

The “Amaranto-IVH” method is based on the understanding that we need to lay solid foundations today if we are to recover tomorrow. 

Thanks to the Amaranto-IVH model, you can invest in your hotel and pay in available rooms and services.  

Here’s how it works

Your hotel purchases the products and services of leading Italian and international suppliers from IVH. 

IVH agrees on payment methods with your hotel, and accepts a percentage of the total value of the sale in rooms. 

In this way, your hotel is able to continue buying goods and services on a regular basis to refurbish and redevelop, significantly reducing the financial impact of improvements while boosting both leisure and business bookings. 

 You can even benefit from state redevelopment incentives in conjunction with the IVH method. 

The work we have done in recent years has achieved excellent results and led to extremely positive feedback. 

After thoroughly analysing your hotel structure, we offer targeted suggestions and advice on how to improve efficiency and turnover.