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Amaranto has specialist skills in all areas, and can develop and execute projects involving architectural composition, interior design and innovative solutions. 

No more time wasting and transfers of responsibility! Our designers work in close synergy with our executive teams to ensure that everything is completed within budget and on time.

Clients want to understand why a proposed project is valid and demand that initial plans turn into something tangible. 

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Amaranto ensures sustainability in all aspects of your project and delivers new solutions and unique spaces capable of amazing those who experience them.  

An opportunity for growth and development in terms of competitiveness, innovation and respect for the environment, in projects all over the world. 

Projects | Completed |


Elysian Haven

Hotel attrezzati per gli ospiti più esigenti

The Elysian Haven project was an ambitious idea aimed at designing a premium hotel specifically to meet the needs of the many professionals and businessmen who visit Milan.

Located in the city centre, the hotel offers a refined setting with impeccable services and advanced structures that guarantee an unrivalled guest experience.

The Elysian Haven Hotel occupies a strategic position in the centre of Milan, near the city’s main financial institutions, businesses, government offices and conference centres. This privileged location affords guests easy access to the city’s principal commercial and professional destinations.

The hotel is characterised by a sophisticated, modern design and everything possible has been done to create an elegant and welcoming environment. The bedrooms are spacious and tastefully furnished and offer guests both comfort and practicality. The hotel also provides dedicated work spaces, including well-equipped meeting rooms and a business centre with all the latest technology.

The Costa d’Oro Resort nestles in a spectacular setting, surrounded by majestic hills and verdant gardens, and with a crystal-clear sea only a short walk away.

The resort’s architecture is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and traditional Sicilian style, with elements recalling the island’s ancient culture.

The resort provides a vast range of services and activities to satisfy the needs of all its guests. You can relax and regenerate in a wellness centre that offers exclusive treatments and reinvigorating massages, or work out in the gym overlooking the sea. The bedrooms and suites are spacious, elegant and equipped with all modern conveniences. Nothing has been ignored in the quest to guarantee a luxury hospitality experience: the furniture is refined and stylish, the beds comfortable, and the balconies and private terraces afford breath-taking panoramic views over the surrounding countryside or sea.

A gourmet menu is a fundamental aspect of the experience. The stylishly designed restaurant serves a refined, creative cuisine with a focus on traditional Sicilian dishes.


Costa d'oro Resort

Ristoranti e Hotel rinnovo locali

Oasi Salentina

The Salento area boasts many opportunities for entertainment and adventure. 

The Oasi Salentina Resort offers a vast range of luxury accommodation including suites with a sea view, private villas with swimming pools and elegant rooms. The bedrooms are furnished in style and equipped with modern comforts and conveniences to guarantee a delightful stay.

The rooms and infrastructure are ideal for hosting weddings, conferences and special events, and complete catering services are provided.

Guests can expect a luxury experience combining the best of Italian culture with a beautiful coastline and the impeccable service needed to make their stay unforgettable.

The Horizon Hotel is the perfect choice not only for travellers but for anybody needing to stay near Malpensa international airport, which is only 5 minutes away by car.

The hotel’s strategic location makes it particularly convenient for those requiring easy access to the airport without the inevitable delay of a long journey.

It offers a wide range of comfortable and welcoming rooms for individual guests and families alike. The hotel also boasts a pleasant bar where you can relax and enjoy a drink after a long day of travel.

For its business guests, the Horizon Hotel also provides fully equipped meeting and conference rooms, secretarial services and high-speed Internet.

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Horizon Hotel

illuminazione come innovazione nei progetti per hotel

Vibes Hotel

A homage to advanced lighting technology and modern art, this hotel offers guests a unique experience that combines contemporary aesthetics with innovative illumination.

Vibes Hotel is a visionary expression of luxury and innovative design in the heart of London.

The hotel is characterised by futuristic architecture with active façades that change colour and pattern during the night, generating a fascinatingly dynamic atmosphere. Inside, the rooms and public spaces are equipped with smart lighting systems capable of adapting to the preferences of guests. Lighting can be adjusted to create a range of atmospheres, from romantic evenings to high-energy settings for special events. The hotel also boasts advanced services like self check-in via smartphone, smart devices for lighting control in the rooms and virtual assistants to respond to guests’ queries.

Vibes Hotel offers an innovative, luxury experience that captures the imagination of guests with its advanced lighting systems and surprising architectural designs. The hotel is an icon of modernity in the London hospitality scene, where technology and art come together to offer a truly extraordinary experience.

The atmosphere here is relaxing, with comfortable sofas and works of art on the walls to create a high-class, elegant environment.

The renovation of a historic hotel can be fascinating, but the work demands respect for the history and architecture of the original building along with a modern vision of how to adapt the structure to the needs of today’s travellers.

The renovation of the Palazzo Riviera Hotel required the thorough redesign of its interior with an emphasis on creating a welcoming, luxury setting capable of reflecting the hotel’s historic character. The furniture, fabrics, colours and lighting were all carefully chosen to generate a uniquely inviting atmosphere.

The restaurant is another important feature of the hotel. The restructuring project extended to the renovation of the kitchen and the redesign of the dining room to make it more elegant and welcoming.

Thanks to careful planning and attention to detail, Amaranto succeeded in transforming this historic building into a fascinating modern destination for travellers.

Rinnovare strutture alberghiere è questione di dettagli

Palazzo Riviera

progetto hotel di lusso

Terra Rossa Boutique Hotel

The design of this hotel is a fusion of contemporary and traditional Italian style. The bedrooms are elegant and comfortable with refined details like hand-made, solid wood furniture and paintings by local artists on the walls.

The hotel is committed to sustainability, uses energy from renewable sources, encourages recycling and works with local suppliers to reduce impact on the environment.

Additional services include an open-air swimming pool with solarium, a fully equipped fitness centre and a dedicated concierge service to help guests arrange bookings and plan itineraries.

Terra Rossa Boutique Hotel aspires to become an icon of luxury and beauty in the heart of Bologna by offering guests elegance, refinement and comfort in one of Italy’s most fascinating cities.

So come and explore historical streets, discover mediaeval towers and enjoy the unique culture of this marvellous destination.

The Comic Stay Hotel is the result of a combination of passion and unique opportunities.

The city of Lucca is famous for Lucca Comics & Games, one of the most important comic book and gaming conventions in Europe. 
The idea of creating a hotel dedicated to the world of the comic was obviously inspired by the rich local comic book culture.

Lucca Comics & Games is held annually between the end of October and the first days in November and attracts thousands of fans and enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Comic Stay Hotel offers its guests a full-immersion atmosphere. For example, the rooms are theme-based and feature famous comic-book characters. Even the furniture is designed to recreate comic-book aesthetics. To attract a more diverse clientèle, the Comic Stay Hotel also organises events and collaborations with local and international artists and puts on exhibitions of sculptures and art inspired by the world of comics. Artworks are displayed throughout the hotel, making every corner a unique experience.


Comic Stay hotel

val gardena

Hotel Dolomiti Panorama

The Dolomiti Panorama Hotel is situated in a panoramic area of the Dolomites where it is surrounded by majestic mountains and luxuriant woodland. This fantastic location gives guests a breathtaking view of the mountain chain and direct access to ski slopes and trekking routes.

Inside, the hotel boasts a contemporary Alpine look that blends traditional and modern elements in a harmonious manner. The interior is characterised by precious wood, natural stone and elegant design features.

Large panoramic windows capture the beauty of the surroundings and bring natural light into the bedrooms and public areas.

The spacious and luxurious rooms and suites boast private balconies and marble-clad bathrooms. Every room is elegantly furnished to provide luxury of the highest order. The panoramic suites offer amazing views of the Dolomite peaks.

The hotel spa provides a vast range of relaxing treatments including massage, sauna and Turkish bath. There is even an indoor swimming pool with a panoramic view of the Dolomites.

The renovation of a Moroccan riad is a fascinating task that demands a special feel for local culture and architecture.

The first step in this project was to conserve and restore the building’s traditional architecture. This involved the restoration of damaged mosaics, repairs to inlaid doors, and the cleaning and conservation of ceramics and so on. Conservation of the riad’s original look was fundamental to maintaining its authenticity.

Our designs for the Alhambra Hotel were inspired by Moroccan culture and traditions. Warm colours, luxurious textiles like velvet and silk, inlaid furniture and wrought iron chandeliers were used to create an authentic atmosphere. Traditional Moroccan carpets, better known as Berber rugs, were chosen to decorate the bedrooms.

The courtyard is a characteristic feature of the riad. A place of beauty and serenity decorated by fountains and plants, it provides the suffused lighting and private spaces needed for relaxation. The courtyard is the focal point of the whole structure.


Hotel Alhambra